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Every day the world is moving towards the great advancement. Day by day the remarkable innovations come in front. In the present day there is a wide variety of televisions ranging from 720p to 4K SUHD sets. As the sizes and the features increases the cost of the television also increases. There are also some models that have big screen and high resolutions, they are expensive, but you still can find a great TV deal and save a lot of money, buying big screen TV.

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Screen Resolution

The greater the pixels are the high will be the picture quality. The resolution is generally characterized as the horizontal lines of pixels as well as the sharpness of the TV picture. In the present day most HDTVs support the 1080s formats which means that it has 1080 lines of resolution. The 4k models have four times greater number of pixels then the current HDTV screens. We strongly suggest you to go over huge amount of 4K TV deals, available right now. For our experience you can save much more (in dollar value), buying 4k TV. The 4k TV screens show the fine details of the text or picture that is shown on the screen. In comparison with the HDTV the 4k television looks more lifelike and richer in picture quality.

Screen type


LED and LCD TVs comes in the size ranges from 30 inches up to 110 inches. As the size of the television increases the price also increase for example the price of 32-inch set tends to start at $184, these television sets are normally placed in the bedrooms, but if we talk about the bigger rooms the television with 50 or 65 inch screen will look really nice and will cost less than $600.


If you like to see the richer picture with the deep blacks then the television with Organic light- emitting diode is the best selection. As the picture quality is finer in it so the cost is also high. The cost of these televisions ranges from brand to brand. On an average you can find discounted 55-60 inch OLED TV with a 35% off original price, which would cost about $900 – $1100. In 2017 Sony introduced their OLED TV models, which added more competition to the market. So you can expect to find a good deals for LG OLED TVs.

Ultra HD Or 4K TV?

As we move forward in this generation of high living standard, the result of the product were also improved. Ultra HD or 4K format was introduced by the manufacturers, in which the picture quality was increased to a great extent. These televisions offer four times the greater number of pixels then that of HDTV. 4k televisions were introduced with the cost of $400 for a 50 inch model, and its cost was about 10% higher than HD set. As the time is passing many extensions are being made in these formats, offering better color and brightness for the great price.

Refresh Rate Explanation

The refresh rate is defined as the rate at which the picture on the screen is refreshed. Normally the refresh rate of the television is defined as 60Hz. So when there is any fast moving scene then the picture becomes blurry or jumpy, this usually happens in LCD HDTVs. But now in order to create a solid picture, the advancement had been done. The refresh rate had been increased to 120Hz (and in some cases it is 240Hz). This helps you to view the scene in a smooth way rather than consistent pauses in the video. So we suggest you to explore deals for TVs with 120Hz refresh rate.

Do I need a Smart TV?

Actually, you do. At least if you buying 42 plus inch TV and it’s not going to be placed in your bathroom. And from our statistics, most of the TV deals are about Smart TVs. These days the television sets come in with built in internet service. Now it’s easy for the user to watch their favorite programs, download the most exciting games, watch the live steaming movies and even post the stuff on face book using this little advancement.

The interface of these televisions is much better and it’s easy to use. The technology has summarized the large world in this smart television through internet connection so that the person could enjoy all the stuff sitting on his couch.

What screen size do I need?

While selecting the television the first thing that you notice would probably be the size of the screen. It is the most important factor while selecting the television. This selection also depends upon the size of the family and the area where the television would probably be placed. It also depends on how near you viewing point from the television is. If you sit too close to the screen you would see the pixels on the screen and its sort of irritation.

Moreover when the televisions are used for the gaming or watching video purposes then the screen size and resolution varies.

If you still don’t know what size TV to buy – we suggest you to use our TV Size and viewing distance calculator