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Out of the four different 4K OLED televisions that were released by LG to the market in 2016, LG B6 Series can be considered as the cheapest one. The build quality and the design of this television are really impressive. It also comes along with a bunch of decent smart features.
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LG has given life to a variety of 4K OLED television models in the past and LG B6 Series hold a prominent place out of them. It is one of the four models that were released by LG during 2016. This television series received much attention out of the rest because of its unique design. In other words, people consider this as an aesthetically conventional television. It also offers all the high dynamic range specifications of LG 4K OLED televisions along with Dolby Vision and HDR.

  • LG B6 Series offers a stunning picture quality for the users.
  • The unique design of the series makes it unique from the other 4K OLED televisions developed by LG.
  • The jaw dropping slim design makes it a perfect addition to any room.
  • This television also offers affordable OLED standards.
  • LG B6 Series offers a weak sound quality and it should be attached to an external sound output to get the best experience. Clipping in bright areas is another known issue in this television series.

Best For
  • LG B6 Series is ideal for the use of people who are looking forward to watch content in 4K resolution. Therefore, it can be considered as a perfect addition to a home in order to watch movies. This television series is also compatible with high end games and can be paired with PS4 or Xbox to get a smooth gameplay experience.
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I was always a fan of LG televisions because of the impressive technologies that they introduced to televisions. Out of the four different television models released to the market by LG, I decided to spend my money on LG B6 Series because it is the cheapest product out of all. However, LG B6 Series does not lack any major features or specifications regardless of its affordable price tag.

The LG B6 Series has a decent design and I didn’t have any doubts before placing this television in the middle of my TV lobby. As per my view, the look of this television is brilliantly simple. It is quite impressive to see LG releasing a television with a unique and an innovative design to the market, which caters the aesthetic appeal of customers.

I really enjoyed the features and specifications that were delivered by LG B6 Series. In other words, I consider this as a feature packed television that can be purchased from the market. The ultra HD 4K panel has the ability to give life to the best quality images. It is paired with HDR in order to impress the customers. The Dolby Vision is quite good as well and I don’t have any major complaints about the features offered along with it. I really loved the smart features that came along with the television as well. The all new LG Web OS 3.0 is really good and it has specifically been designed to help the users to stay away from hassle while using the television.



As mentioned earlier, the design of LG B6 Series is innovative and unique. The clear stand, metallic finished back and thin screen have contributed towards the design of this television. Unlike LG E6, which is the counterpart of LG B6, users will not be able to see the built-in sound bar. The rear panel of this television has been provided with a metallic gray design, which is associated with VESA 300×200 compatibility. The borders of LG B6 Series are extremely thin and they are associated with a metallic edge as well.

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Picture Quality

LG B6 Series has the potential to give life to 4K resolution images with the OLED panel. People who spend their money in order to buy this television will be able to experience high peak brightness along with a good picture quality. Therefore, LG B6 Series is an ideal choice available for all the home theatre enthusiasts out there. The picture quality of this television remains good, even when you take a look at it from an angle. However, LG B6 Series is not the best option available for people who expect to see 3D television. The LG B6 Series has temporary image retention as well.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality offered by LG B6 Series is not the best. Even though this television offers a response, which is better than most of the televisions available in the market, it is still possible to hear distortions across all the volumes. Moreover, this television does not get loud.

Smart Features

All the smart features offered by LG B6 Series are backed by Web OS 3.0 platform. The all new Web OS has been redesigned to offer the best possible user experience along with improved functionality. The benefits offered by Web OS can be considered as fivefold. Users are provided with the ability to browse internet while watching television. The new OS is straightforward and logical when compared to the previous version. The icons are displayed in a strip, which is located at the bottom of the screen. The interface is amazingly slicky and people can easily find the features that they want. Moreover, the new OS interface offers a clear understanding about the visual cues as well.


LG B6 Series can be considered as an all-around television. It is more popular among individuals who are looking forward to spend their money on the newly released LG 4K OLED televisions under a tight budget. The television offers the best performance when watching HDR content and movies. The picture quality and dark scene performance are excellent when compared to other 4K OLED televisions available in the market. LG B6 Series can also be considered as an ideal choice to be used as a PC monitor.

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  1. What about burn-in or image retention on the B6?

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