LG C6 Review

LG C6 Series is ideal for the individuals who are looking forward to buy an OLED television with 4K resolution and a good picture quality. It has few of the most impressive features such as dark scene performance. This television series can also deliver an accurate picture when viewed form a wide angle.
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OLED technology has received much attention in the recent past and LG can be considered as the leading manufacturer of OLED televisions to the world. In 2016, LG introduced a new series of OLED televisions under LG C6 Series. This series was provided with curved screens and it came out with high dynamic range technology of Dolby as well. The picture performance of the television was improved significantly by LG and this series is much better than the 2015 OLED televisions of them.

  • LG C6 Series offers the best of the OLED technology. It has the ability to offer accurate colors, wide viewing angles, perfect black levels and a brighter picture quality when compared to the predecessors.
  • The sound quality has been enhanced with HDR10 and Dolby Vision.
  • LG C6 Series has few of the most expensive televisions and people will have to spend a considerable amount of money in order to get them.

Best For
  • LG C6 Series is ideal for the people who expect for an impressive OLED picture quality. It has been marketed as a television series that can sparkles the eyes, raise the eyebrows and add few curls into the smiles of customers. Since LG is the pioneer in OLED technology, people who purchase these televisions can expect a superior performance.
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As per my experience, LG C6 Series is one of the best releases of LG for the year 2016. OLED technology has been improved significantly in this series in order to offer the best picture quality for the users. In OLED technology, every single pixel is associated with its own light level. This independency can give life to an amazing picture quality along with deeper black levels, superior contrast and accurate positioning. I was in love with the picture quality offered by LG C6 Series and it was a pleasure to watch something on it.

The curved design of LG C6 Series was also an eye-catcher. The curve looks a little shallow as things go, but it does not give life to any onscreen reflections or distortions. I even had a bright source of light opposite to the screen, but I didn’t have to face any major issues with it. LG C6 Series complemented by TV lobby and it was one of the best additions that I have made to it. That’s because the LG C6 Series televisions come along with a unique and an impressive design, which is associated with a modernized touch and feel.

The connectivity features offered by LG C6 Series were really useful. There were three HDMI inputs and two of them were compatible with HDR and Ultra HD streams. This feature helped me to play high quality video content from other sources.



LG C6 Series comes along with a curved screen, which could stand out in any room and look great. Moreover, it has been provided with a clear plastic stand as well. The screen is extremely thin and people who buy it will be able to see nice touches around it, which can deliver a minimal look. The speakers of LG C6 Series are built into the body. The borders are thin and they come along with a metallic edge as well.

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Picture Quality

OLED technology is well-known for the amazing picture quality and LG has done a tremendous job by enhancing the picture quality of LG C6 Series with OLED technology. Perfect black uniformity and the infinite contrast ratio have contributed a lot towards the amazing picture quality offered by this television. However, the peak brightness offered from this television is not much high when compared to the best LED televisions available out there in the market. Hopefully, LG would improve it with the upcoming products.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality offered by LG C6 Series is above average. The frequency response delivered from the television is pretty good and it offers the best results with lower volumes. The sound bar of LG C6 Series has been improved significantly.

Smart Features

The integrated Wi-Fi technology offered by LG C6 Series could allow the users to get connected to the internet and access a variety of apps. It can also unlock online video streaming functionalities. In other words, people can play Amazon and Netflix content right from LG C6 Series.

LG has also introduced the ability to Free view play catch-up in order to enhance the smart features offered by this television. LF WebOS is the operating system that can be found in this television series. It has also been subjected to several changes and the changes done to the launcher hold a prominent place out of them. The new launcher is a bit longer when compared to the predecessor models and it offers a decent collection of apps for the users.


LG C6 Series is a perfect example for a television series that offers the best of OLED technology. The picture quality offered by it is stunning and it has been enhanced with deep blacks, vibrant colors and the capability to handle Ultra HD and HDR content. Televisions in this series are available in both 55 inch and 65 inch sizes. People who are looking for the best picture quality can therefore think of spending money on LG C6 Series.