The LG C7P easily has the world’s best picture quality for TV- and movie-watching. Its built-in WiFi, accessibility to apps, user-friendly display, smart features, modern design, and speedy performance are all just extras. Out of all other OLED televisions released in 2017, this model is one of the best and most affordable, despite its high-end price. Is it worth it? Absolutely.
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For a minimalistic, LED TV, LG’s signature C7P television model is your ideal device. Its beautiful picture quality is impressive, set with gorgeous blacks, intense colors, and favorable contrast. This LG TV’s thin display is modern enough to give your room some 21st-century charm with a little pop thanks to its sleek, silver stand. The C7P is smart, quick, and simple to use for a variety of users and has enough features without going overboard. Best of all, this beauty has been rated as having one of the top performances out of all other televisions on the market. Who could want more?

  • You’re sure to receive excellent picture quality from the C7P, even in bright rooms from awkward angles.
  • This TV also has great sound that easily syncs with a sound bar for suburb surround sound.
  • It’s chic, thin appearance will drive anyone wild at first glance.
  • The C7P is fairly pricey; however, the price will likely drop as it was freshly released in mid-2017.
  • While it offers great technology, it’s average on smart features for its high price.

Best For
  • The LG C7P is perfect for movies, video games, sports, and general TV-watching. Great video processing, exquisite colors and contrast, a favorable viewing angle, beautiful blacks, and ideal color accuracy make this all possible. The overall picture quality is what many would call “one of the best” out there by far. Additionally, movies look excellent on this device via 4K video in high dynamic range, especially on Blu Ray.
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LG’s C7P model is one of my favorite models yet. While other televisions have easy pros and cons, it’s difficult to find true cons in this LG device. The price at this point is no longer a dissatisfying factor due to this television’s gorgeous and clean display, amazing picture quality, easy-to-use navigation, and highly favorable sound quality.

Having great sound for the price of this model seems to be a given; however, there are many pricey TVs on the market with inadequate sound. As a TV fanatic, there’s nothing one could want more in a television than a thin screen and border, great colors and pictures, and intense sound. This model, fortunately, has it all. The only true “complaint” that could possibly be made is the fact that this model isn’t too big on the apps.

While it offers a great variety of smart features, apps, games, and the like, this area isn’t as wide-ranging. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most people buying a television want a model that offers great picture and sound quality and likely won’t even touch the apps at all; that’s what smart phones and tablets are for. To get back to the big picture, the C7P is fast, smooth, and modern. It has superior 4k quality and the deepest blacks in comparison to other models.

Watching the screen, it’s difficult to distinguish the black on the rim of the TV from the black on the screen; that’s how intense it is. Saying the LG C7P is amazing is an understatement.



If you’re wanting a simplistic, modern design, the LG C7P’s got it. Its curved, paper-thin screen at just a quarter inch thick with a minimized border sits on a silver, triangular border that will give your television the perfect appearance, even if you opt against wall-mounting. From first glance, buttons, cords, and other distractions are hidden to keep all eyes on what’s truly important: the screen. The bottom back of the TV is where it houses its inputs, speakers, and other components, all in under a couple of inches thick. Mounted on a wall, the LG C7P still appears sleek and clean. The overall appearance meets beyond expectations.

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Picture Quality

General picture quality in the LG C7P exceeds what one would ever want or need. For the price of this model, this particular strength helps meet the high cost; you get the bang for your buck. This television has above average contrast, giving it the intense picture quality and value we all dream of. The local dimming and minimal motion blur ensure substantial sports- and movie-watching. When it comes to the viewing angle, this model is excellent in ensuring viewers from even awkward angles can view the image clearly on the screen. The bright colors, wide color spectrum, and overall sharp images and perfected HDR quality give the C7P a major kick-start among the top televisions that other brands just can’t compare.

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Sound Quality

The C7P has outstanding sound quality without the need for a sound bar. Although, using a sound bar can ensure more surround sound ideal for movie-watching. Not only is the sound quality great at all volumes, but it’s also crisp and clear enough that the sound of a chirping bird on TV may have you believing it’s happening right outside your window. The LG C7P gets and A+ in this area.

Smart Features

Many smart TVs offer a great selection of apps; however, the LG C7P doesn’t have the intense selection one may be looking for. Although, apps are just a small component of what makes a smart TV a good TV. It still has all the major apps via the LG Content Store. Running on Web OS, the organization and display is neat. Its Web Browser browser, while not a major Internet browser, is simple and easy to navigate. The remote is one of the best smart features on the C7P. It has voice features in addition to motion features. One can simply move the remote in the appropriate direction to switch through different apps, making for a nifty way to navigate.

The remote also has a helpful scroll wheel for navigation purposes. In a nutshell, the LG C7P’s best smart feature is in its smart remote while the rest of its smart features in terms of apps and Internet are about average but great enough to be considered “smart.”


It’s clear to see that this is perhaps one of LG’s best televisions by far. It out beats other devices due to its visual and aural quality. It offers neat smart features, particularly in its remote, and offers great sound without the requirement of a sound bar.

Great motion, local dimming, and contrast ensure this device is ideal for playing video games and watching a variety of shows and movies. This model has virtually everything, and for its price, one can be thankful to get what they pay for while other models still fail to offer this.

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