It’s difficult to pass up the LG OLED E7P given its excellent contrast, brightness, and overall features. The technology embedded into this model is outstanding, and its built-in sound bar makes this device even more desirable. This is a smart television well beyond its years, and best of all, it’s easy to navigate and is highly functional for many homes.
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LG proves their exceptional innovativeness with their OLED E7P television that easily out beats other smart TVs on the market. This device is well-known for its excellent brightness, up-to-date technological features, and overall picture quality that leave buyers highly impressed. From its initial appearance, the LG OLED E7P offers a more-than-ideal design, measuring great bang for your buck. Want more than just a television? No worries. The E7P also provides an outstanding smart television experience with its simple but modern platform offering a wide array of features. This LG television has it all, and it’s nothing less than modern.

  • The E7P is exceptionally thin and overall beautiful for any home.
  • The high-quality sound–given a built-in sound bar–and images make this device worth the price.
  • Unlike many smart TV’s, this series offers both quality and easy-to-use apps and other smart features.
  • Despite overall features, this television is very expensive.
  • LG offers great brightness, but other TV’s out there offer even better brightness. Also, this TV is a little plastic-y.

Best For
  • Besides your typical TV-watching experience, the OLED E7P is ideal for movie watching. Its excellent picture quality, powerful sound system, and high contrast allow for the perfect watching experience. This device also has a wonderful smart system rich of apps and other features that are not only easy to use, but are also of high quality and versatility.
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In general, the LG OLED E7P is an extraordinary smart television that, unlike many other models, offers a sound bar with an intense sound system with very few flaws. The sound bar is a major bonus, especially because very few televisions offer such alongside purchase–not to mention that the E7P is already priced high; therefore, it makes sense to already include a sound bar.

What is more, the E7P offers exquisite contrast, brightness, and beautiful colors to make watching movie and TV favorable. At this rate, the high cost for the television is well worth it. Then we get to the navigation, and this TV is excellent in its user-friendly and organized platform. The thinness of this TV and generally clean appearance with simplistic details is a major turn on for consumers. I highly admire its thin border and sharp corners to give the screen a little drama. Seeing the picture from all angles from corner-to-corner is outstanding, however, rarely expected among televisions on the market today. The LG OLED E7P sets the bar high, and other companies have a lot to watch out for as their own televisions are hardly this well-engineered and advanced.

Truly, the only flaws we can pull out of this model is that fact that this TV, for its high price, has a plastic-y appearance and that fact that the brightness–while favorable and intense compared to other LG TV’s–has a little catching up to do based on other companies. Still, we can’t dismiss how accurate this television is in meeting the needs of millions.



The LG OLED E7P is clean and simple yet innovative and a definite 21st-century design. It features sharp corners; a deep, black screen; and a silver-gray, and a build-in sound bar on the bottom with a horizontal, silver stand directly connected. The sound bar itself disappears into the design and is far from a detracting design flaw. Even better, both the screen and the border are excessively thin on the E7P to keep up with other modern TV’s on the market. The tiny border is minimally distracting, allowing for a desirable image extension and a generally beautiful design. Generally, the E7P is favorable in its appearance and makes a great statement.

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Picture Quality

The picture quality of LG’s OLED E7P device is almost near perfect. The ideal brightness–an increase from other LG TV’s, vivid images, and rich colors make TV-watching overwhelmingly superb. One almost can’t ask for more. The intense color accuracy is an additional bonus. Unlike other models, the E7P is perfect when viewing from even the widest of angles. This is difficult to find in even top-quality televisions. As for the contrast, this TV meets this perfectly with deep blacks and lovely highlights. The local dimming is great in addition to high dynamic range. Lastly, the motion blue of the LG OLED E7P is average but perhaps a little behind compared to other brands. There may be a few flaws here and there, but this LG TV’s picture quality is overall excellent, so one cannot complain.

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Sound Quality

The LG OLED E7P has great sound quality despite its tiny, single sound bar. Just the fact that LG offered a built-in sound bar for this series is highly appreciated for its convenience. While the sound is impressive–particularly in its dynamic range, strong bass, and favorable treble–some say this device requires slight better clarity watching louder scenes. However, the E7P’s sound quality is no doubt a trend-setter for many of its rivals.

Smart Features

This television offers a high speed and easy-to-navigate layout, built-in Wi-Fi, a zoom feature, and hot buttons to directly connect to Amazon or Netflix. The many apps offered via the LG Content Store and the ability to organize these apps where users deem appropriate are major pluses. Being an LG, this device runs on WebOS 3.0 with cybersecurity an overall favorable experience. The E7P runs on the web browser app, Web Browser. Unfortunately, this browser does not allow Flash or downloads of files and fonts; this is a TV browser and may function differently from a traditional browser. However, one can connect their phone to their TV, which is a nifty feature.

This television comes with the LG Magic Remote and has great navigation and voice recognition. What we like the best about the remote is its simple silver-and-black design with minimal, organized, and larger buttons. The general smart features, remote, and app & browsing experiences easily meet most expectations.


Everything anybody would need can likely be found in the LG OLED E7P smart TV. From intense sound due to its built-in sound bar to an easy-to-use remote and overall format to allow for easy navigation, this TV is intense. Just the TV-watching experience is favorable given thin borders and gorgeous colors and contrast. While like all other devices there will be flaws, the E7P does not skimp out on great features, a beautiful design, and favorable user-friendly capabilities. This is one of LG’s most consumer-oriented televisions yet on the market.

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