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The LG SJ9500 is a great model with an excellent appearance and picture quality. It’s probably one of the best yet from LG in terms of features and overall quality. However, with its high cost, this may be a downside for many potential consumers, but the LG SJ9500 is overall a highly rated TV no doubt, and its beautiful picture quality is worth the buy.
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What should your perfect television contain? Many mention great picture quality as one of their top priorities, among ideal sound. The SJ9500 has both. Bold, sharp colors; a narrow-framed screen with precise corners; and enhanced detail can all also be found in this LG model. The richness in picture quality and the ability for this model to take on motion are definite pluses of this television in addition to its smart features. Those primarily wanting a TV with these offerings, particularly with an ideal set of colors, will admire what this LG device contains.

  • The overall picture quality, blacks, color gamut, and clearness in picture are most highly valued in the SJ9500.
  • Its intense motion control and sound system are also well loved.
  • Generally, the appearance of this model is very classy and clean that many find beautiful.
  • The heavy price is one of the SJ9500’s biggest flaws.
  • This TV utilizes LG’s operating system and content store, which are organized but aren’t as varied as iOS or Android.

Best For
  • The LG SJ9500 has a high refresh rate to deliver great motion on-screen, making it perfect for playing video games and watching sports or action movies. The local dimming makes it particularly ideal for watching movies, despite that its local dimming isn’t technically the greatest. General TV watching, thanks to great picture quality and beautiful colors, is also a major plus.
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LG SJ9500


The LG SJ9500 is perfect for all your viewing needs. If you want your television to give you the cinema experience you deserve, this high-quality LG model is for you. If LG is well-known for anything, it’s for its favorable navigation.

With the SJ9500 smart remote with voice recognition and organized buttons and in its neat and tidy operating system, one can ensure this television is easy to operate. Interestingly is that this model, while providing mind-blowing picture quality, is thinner than an iPhone with definite incomparable quality. There really aren’t a whole lot of complaints one can make regarding the LG SJ9500, besides its high price and the fact that its content store that isn’t nearly as wide-ranging as other app stores. Still, it provides the essentials, and its considered a smart TV, so who can complain? However, if it were at least half as costly, I would consider replacing my computer monitor with this LG model to use for my gaming needs because the motion control and picture quality are that good.

One has to give credit to LG for providing, once again, a great television model, but this time with picture quality great enough to please anyone. For those wanting a nice television for their theater room (or living room), this is a great buy due to its amazing color scheme and deep blacks that many televisions on the market still seem to lack, even though this is the 21st century and all.


LG SJ9500

The LG SJ9500 model has a flat screen with sharp corners, a narrow rim, and minimal thickness to create a modern and simple display. Its border in particular is neat in that its not only thin, but also that it provides the perfect modern flair in how it still stands out without acting as a form of distraction. This television sits on a sleek, silver, curved stand that add a definite touch of class to this model. Also important to note is the SJ9500’s very minimalistic approach with no visible buttons or other interferences that can be viewed from the front.

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Picture Quality

The picture quality of this LG model is substantial, set with ultra HD and 4k capabilities and all. Billions of strong colors, great color accuracy, and sharp pictures ensure this television is great for everyone. Given intense black levels, the contrast is quite stunning. It also contains great local dimming that’s an improvement from other LG models. When it comes to the viewing angle, you can be sure to view pictures on the LG SJ9500 crystal clear from several angles. Motion control in this LG model performs excellent, and the motion blur is minimal and perfect for fast, on-screen motion. While it doesn’t offer 3D capabilities, the best thing about its picture quality by far is its versatility in color.

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Sound Quality

Containing a subwoofer, the LG SJ9500 has a deeper bass with high quality. Its strong stereo speakers ensure favorable surround sound ideal for movie-watching. Adding a sound bar, while not necessary, gives the audio intensifying, cinema-like charm. Overall, this LG device has great sound quality that many users find above average for their tastes.

Smart Features

The LG SJ9500 has great smart features from screen and content share to a full web browser via LG’s Web Browser app. This television contains the operating system, WebOS 3.5, which is valued for its user-friendly navigation and simple display, despite that it isn’t a well-known operating system. Having access to the LG Content Store for apps and games, one is sure to have a pleasurable, up-to-date experience with this TV model, although your options aren’t as versatile as an Android or iOS content/app store. The SJ9500 has a magic remote contains voice commands to make navigation even easier.

This TV also includes Bluetooth to allow connection to other devices in addition to built-in Wi-Fi. Overall, the smart features in the LG SJ9500 are favorable with many features available, but if you’re wanting a stronger app/gaming experience, an Apple or Android TV is probably your best bet.


When it comes to LG’s SJ9500, the color performance is spot-on. The general picture quality is highly rated among consumers that makes other TV brands look weak. The price is one factor to consider, but if you’re look for a stylish and modern television with essential smart features, easy navigation, a smart remote with voice recognition, and intense on-screen colors with great motion control, this TV is for you. One can say that the LG SJ9500 is perfect, and it’s quite close to that. The screen, from its border to its on-screen display, is just stunning.

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