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Overall, the Samsung KS8500 offers depth with its slightly curved screen and provides deep colors, a bright display, and detail great for watching and playing video games. Everything you want and need is found within this LED TV from a high-tech smart remote to a sleek appearance sure to give any room an uplift.
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Beautiful pictures and great in handling motion, the Samsung KS8500 LED TV offers substantial features important for every movie and general TV watcher. Like the Samsung KS8000, the KS8500 model is sleek, modern, and simplistic in its appearance while providing top quality viewing. However, unlike the KS8000, the KS8500 has a curved screen for a different TV-watching feel. This model has everything from popular apps to speedy Internet connection, and clear-cut images to beautiful colors. While being a pricier TV, it’s clear that the Samsung KS8500 offers everything one wants plus more.

  • The beautiful display of this the Samsung KS8500 give TV watching a whole new experience, making images vivid, colorful, and bright.
  • With high-quality screen, there’s no need to worry about reflections or glares while enjoying your favorite show or movie.
  • Although the appearance of the screen is nice, viewing from an angle deteriorates the image.
  • The sound quality of this TV is also a bit lacking, however, is good enough.

Best For
  • Thanks to great handling of motion, deep and vivid colors, and high quality images, the Samsung KS8500 is great for movies and video games in particular, in addition to general TV watching. Watching in both light and dark environments is ideal with this TV due to little reflection.
KS8500 Prices

Samsung KS8500


The Samsung KS8500 is undeniably one of the best LED televisions out on the market. The beautiful curve of the screen gives TV-watching the ultimate experience in addition to the other modern touches of the sleek screen that leave distractions out of the picture. While the sound quality is simply decent, and most would probably would prefer for it to be better considering the cost of the KS8500, what makes the cost worth it is the intense colors and highlights and the vivid detail display within each and every image displayed on the screen. You’ll be in love with the moment you turn on your Samsung KS8500 for the first time.

While I’m not much of an app user, the apps offered on the KS8500 were neatly displayed and were easy to use. The general smart features that come with the television seem complicated at first, but once you get used to it, the whole experience is worthwhile. What I really love about this TV when it comes to its appearance is the fact that many of the inputs and buttons are secretly hidden or are on Samsung’s separate One Connect box. Everything one would find “ugly” on a TV is beautifully concealed on this model.

Overall, the Samsung KS8500 is a great TV. Sure, it’s pricier than many other LED televisions offered, but it’s reliable, easy to use, modern in appearance, and provides an exceptional viewing experience that’s great for game play and watching general television. Crystal clear images and gorgeous colors give this TV consumers an instant five stars.


Samsung KS8500

Keeping up in a world up modern technology, the Samsung KS8500 provides a sleek and beautiful appearance attractive to many. Best of all, the thin, curved screen and the tiny rim of the screen make this TV minimal in how much space it takes up and offers very few distractions while watching. In addition to this, many buttons and inputs are concealed or separate on Samsung’s One Connect box to give the TV in general a five-star appearance. The stand of this TV is tiny with two sets of metallic legs on each side of the TV, very simple yet beautiful.

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Picture Quality

Excellent contrast and amazing local dimming are strong features of the Samsung KS8500. Local dimming is about the same in this model as in the KS8000, offering beautiful highlights and deep blacks many admire. On a downside, the KS8500, like the KS8000, has a fading image when watched at from an angle. However, viewing the TV from front and center offers beautiful and crystal clear pictures just as expected. This is perhaps one of the only semi-major downfalls of this Samsung model. When it comes to the motion blur, the KS8500 offers a low response time compared to other televisions on the market. However, the motion blur of this model is slightly better than the KS8000. Even then, the slight problem with motion blur isn’t such a noticeable problem.

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Sound Quality

While the Samsung KS8500 is a great TV worth the price, many consumers find its sound quality to be a downfall. However, this model has sound quality that is good enough for watching but would be expected to be just a tad bit better for such an expensive model.

Smart Features

The apps offered on the Samsung KS8500 aren’t per say anything special, but they do offer the most popular and useful apps such as Facebook and Netflix. Additional applications of your choice can also be downloaded. This TV uses the traditional Android browser and Tizen smart operating system, functioning smoothly and organized efficiently. With the modern remote offered with the KS8500, voice command is an option many find useful and even fun to operate. The remote may take a while to get used to but is very simplistic and gives TV watching a great experience once you get used to it. In addition to this, the KS8500 has great motion control, making this a great television for movie watching and video game playing. Many of the TV controls are conveniently displayed underneath the TV; however, these are easiest to access if the TV is mounted on a wall.


Those wanting a sleek and modern LED TV with up-to-date features and technology will thoroughly enjoy everything the Samsung KS8500 has to offer. From the color vividness to the sharpness of the pictures to the perfect handling of motion, you can ensure this is a TV you can trust when it comes to the quality you desire. Watching your favorite TV show has never been more stunning than with this television. It’s a slightly expensive buy for even more expensive quality.

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