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QUALITY TV has a cost! The cost of knowing where the kids are as they enjoy perfect video gaming, the cost of enjoying your favorite sports team ‘close up’ without fighting the stadium crowds and prices, the cost of saving gas in car as home becomes big screen ‘home theater.’
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Welcome to TV viewing of the widest dimensions, not only by way of wide screens but with Samsung KS850Ds you get access to both low and high resolution streaming content, ultimate high tech Smart TV technology, and video gaming. In addition, four HDMI ports and three USB ports, and built-in Wi-Fi provide ability to download many favorite apps from the internet. HDR (High Dynamic Range color) gives a color accuracy that makes what you see look ‘real.’ For those who love sports this feature alone makes KS850Ds a great value for the price. Price? Also amazing! Come have a closer look!

  • Smart Tizen Operating System to provide a very responsive interface with external communication devices.
  • Superb screen resolution and bright color.
  • Anti-reflective screen for viewing in brightly lit rooms.
  • Typical of the slim framed TVs, the sound of the KS850D falls in the average range. It is good though, from the lower decibel to maximum.
  • Difficult to plug in to older communication devices not supportive of HDMI.

Best For
  • The bright, sharp HDR color along with 4K screen resolution and great contrast ratio of dark to light image with local dimming feature, a stand with chrome legs spaced wide to ensure stability on tabletop, and modern curved screen that is anti-reflective to lights in room are best noteworthy features.
KS850D Prices

Samsung KS850D


At last, a quality TV picture with large screen along with price that is reasonable to work to the household budget. Samsung makes buying ‘easy’ not only because of price but KS850Ds are an ‘easy purchase’ for consumers looking for the latest in TV technology. No matter what you choose in screen size: forty-nine, fifty-five, or sixty-five inch; the essentials to quality viewing remain same. All three models sport the latest 4K screen resolution which is four times the amount of pixels (dots of color) as HD LED 1080p screen resolution. As high content video becomes more the norm in video production (presently such 4K content is not the norm) your 4K TV purchase will be ready for all that high end content. The HDR color (High Dynamic Range) and Quantum Dot Color provides highest contrast ratio and detailed shades of a color to your screen. Follow the bouncing ball easily with the 120 Hz processor in Samsung KS850 models. This fast refresh rate makes for smooth image transmission and eliminates that motion ‘blur’ that sometimes is left behind as frames of an image come across screen. Ample and easily accessible HDMI plug-in ports will give access to a wide range of external communication devices from DVD players, music, game stations, and satellite dishes. Built-in Wi-Fi allows downloading of your favorite apps to provide endless streaming content at your fingertips or voice command with an easy to use universal remote. Great value TV to fit any room size and budget!


Samsung KS850D

Well thought design always adds to your TV viewing experience! If the room you plan to watch TV in has a modern motif then you will love the stylized curved screen design along with slim black case of the Samsung KS850D! The curve of the screen and anti-reflective coating on screen makes reflections of light on screen minimal. The chrome legs of stand are set wide helping to keep TV stable on tabletop. Screen can also be wall mounted as the controls are easily accessed on bottom right of TV. Another ‘cool’ feature of KS850Ds is the voice-activated remote control.

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Picture Quality

Crisp sharp color and contrast! THAT is the essentials to picture quality! Samsung KS850Ds get thumbs up from their toughest critics on picture quality — the consumers! 4K screen resolution, Quantum Dot Color bringing out shades of color, HDR technology enabling great image contrast are reasons for the quality of picture! The 120 Hz processing speed of frames per second makes for good screen refresh rate providing judder free movie viewing with minimal motion blur in fast action scenes. When video gaming, the game mode setting makes for low imput lag. The curved, anti-reflective screen makes viewing easy in a well-lit room. The screen curve allows for angle seating although color clarity does diminish when TV viewed from a side angle.

480p Input
Samsung KS850D 480p input
720p Input
Samsung KS850D 720p input
1080p Input
Samsung KS850D 1080p input
4k Input
Samsung KS850D 4k input

Sound Quality

KS850D sound quality is above average providing good sound at low volume and at maximum volume. However, it is noted that when volume is turned up the sound balance otherwise known as total harmony gives poorer performance. It would be best to keep volume control in middle decibel frequency range.

Smart Features

If looking for Smart TV, then you do need to consider the KS850Ds for all they offer in enhancing your entertainment experience. Let’s start with the remote control: It is easy to understand with easy to handle buttons that provide easy toggling from TV to your streaming content found on internet or DVD player. The remote can also be voice activated to record shows, change channels, and open the settings guide. (Tell the TV directly what your wishes are — cut out the middleman.) The Tizen operating system allows for this responsive interface performance. With available Wi-Fi, downloading apps from the internet is not a problem. There are four HDMI input ports and 3 USB input ports. Main settings screen provides pre-loaded Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube apps. Due to 120 Hz processing of frames per second for images, judder and motion blur is minimally, if at all, perceptible in the viewing.


No doubt about it, the TVs in the Samsung KS850D models are of a quality viewing experience due to technological abundance: from the 4K screen resolution to the speed of the optimum frames per second with 120 Hz, providing smooth image transmission and little motion blur or judder in streaming content. The Tizen operating system responsible for the ease of TV interface with DVD’s and internet. An exceptional viewing experience possible because of exceptional pricing making ‘the family hour’ – EXCEPTIONAL!

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