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Samsung MU8500 offers value for money. People who are looking forward to get hold of a curved television that offers 4K HDR content, Samsung MU8500 would be a good option available to take a look at. This television has an excellent built quality as well.
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Samsung MU8500 can be considered as one of the most popular curved televisions that can be found in the market. This is a 4K HDR television that can be purchased at an affordable price tag. The availability of features and value for money has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this television among people. It is possible to find two different television screen sizes, which come under the Samsung MU8500 series. They include a 55 inch TV model and a 65 inch TV model. Only the screen size is different in between these two models and all the other features are same.

  • The television is capable of offering excellent blacks and contrast.
  • Low input lag can be found, which is ideal for gaming.
  • It offers a decent brightness level as well.
  • This television offers a mediocre color gamut.
  • The image quality would degrade when it is viewed from an angle.

Best For
  • The Samsung MU8500 is ideal for watching movies. The 4K HDR content offered by the television can deliver a big screen experience to the users when paired with the massive curved display. Due to the presence of low input lag, it can also be used for gaming purposes.
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Samsung MU8500


I was able to purchase the Samsung MU8500 television and use it for a couple of months. The overall experience that I had along with this television was a good one. Therefore, I’m in a position to provide my recommendation to a person who is willing to purchase this television.

As per my experience, the images delivered by this television were smooth. I didn’t have to experience any distortion in the images when I was enjoying fast movies and sports programs. This television is powered up by the Motion Rate 240 technology and I strongly believe that it is the main reason behind impressive picture quality offered by the television. The television also has a built-in UHD upscaling engine. As a result, I was able to upscale the quality of visuals that I have been enjoying up to 4K.

Even though the image quality offered by this television is pretty good, I didn’t have the best experience with its sound quality. I had to experience a lot of distortion when playing audio content via the speakers on this television. This is one of the major downsides that I experienced in the television. Moreover, I noticed that the image quality offered by the television reduces when it is viewed from an angle. The smart features offered by Samsung MU8500 captured my attention as well. I was impressed with the way how Samsung Tizen OS performs. It helped me to make my life easy while using this television.


Samsung MU8500

The Samsung MU8500 has been provided with a great design by the manufacturers. However, the stand offered along with the television would be too wide for some of the tables. Therefore, most of the people have to think about hanging this television on the wall. The borders of the television are extremely small and it has enhanced the look and feel offered by the television. The enhanced cable management system introduced along with Samsung MU8500 has also contributed a lot towards the perfect design of it.

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Picture Quality

There’s nothing much to complain about the picture quality offered by Samsung MU8500. The television is equipped with high native contrast, which has provided it with the ability to give life to deep blacks. Therefore, people who set up this television in a dark room will be able to get a realistic movie experience. However, this television is not capable of handling reflections in an effective manner. Moreover, the quality of images offered by the television reduces when you move away from the center of it. The local dimming offered by the television is not perfect, but peak brightness levels are pretty good. As a result, there is a doubt to determine whether the HDR of this television stands out from SDR or not.

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Samsung MU8500 480p input
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Samsung MU8500 4k input

Sound Quality

The sound quality offered by Samsung MU8500 is not that great. The built-in speakers of this television have the ability to give life to a considerable amount of distortion when playing videos. Therefore, people who purchase this television are encouraged to go for external speakers.

Smart Features

Samsung MU8500 is built on the Samsung Tizen OS platform. As a result, people who purchase it will be able to get hold of fascinating smart features. The Tizen OS has also received a brand new visual overhaul. The animations and the white colored theme look pretty nice. However, the interface is equipped with frame drops because of the visual overhaul that is created by these animations. People who are using the television will not find it as a difficult task to navigate through the content. The interface is simple and you will be able to get hold of what you are looking for, within a short period of time. It is also possible for the users of this television to play content with the help of a USB drive.


Samsung MU8500 is a pretty good television offered by Samsung and the features that come along with it are worth for the amount paid by customers. This television is ideal for watching movies and playing games at the comfort of home. However, people will have to think about hanging this television on the wall in order to get the best experience offered by it.

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