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Samsung Q7C can be considered as a well-rounded television that the brand has manufactured in 2017. It can deliver superior results to the users in almost all the use cases. Even though Samsung Q7C is not the brightest television under QLED television category, it can offer the best of the technology to users.
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Samsung has received much attention for the QLED television series that they recently launched. People started calling it as the VIP television series of Samsung because of the fascinating features that were introduced to these televisions. This can be considered as one of the best designed televisions that Samsung has manufactured as well. When the innovative picture quality is paired with the outstanding design, people who own this television will be able to receive a fabulous experience.

  • It is possible for you to find the latest QLED technology of Samsung in this television.
  • It offers a good black performance to the users along with excellent colors.
  • This television has been provided with a modern design.
  • This television comes along with a fiddly remote.
  • The television is marked at an extremely high price tag.

Best For
  • Samsung Q7C is ideal for the individuals who are looking forward to get a superior experience out of their televisions. It can offer the best picture quality, which makes this product a perfect one for watching movies as well as for playing games. It can fit perfectly well into a modern living space as well.
Q7C Prices

Samsung Q7C


As soon as I got the Samsung Q7C television, I wanted to test the impressive picture quality, which is powered by the QLED technology. Therefore, I opened up the YouTube app and started playing a 4K video on it. I was amazed by the picture quality that I came across. The colors seem to jump off the screen. This was the first time that I tested a QLED television and I was moved with the awesome experience that was offered along with it. I don’t have any complaints about the color reproduction capabilities offered by this television as well. Fine details can be seen up to pixel level.

I was also impressed with the overhauled Tizen OS by Samsung. It was the first time that I got the opportunity to get my hands on the redesigned operating system. Even though I experienced frame drops, the user interface was fast and smooth. Therefore, I enjoyed using the interface and browsing through different apps that are available in this television.

I should also leave a note on the Dynamic Picture mode that is offered by this television. It has contributed a lot towards the amazing picture quality, which is being offered along with this television. When the dynamic picture mode is on, I found it much comfortable to look at the screen.


Samsung Q7C

The overall design of Samsung Q7C is an improvement from the KS8000 television series, which was manufactured back in 2016. The overall design looks perfect. The sleek stand and thin borders of the television have contributed a lot towards the unique look and feel offered by this television. However, this television comes along with a bulkier OneConnect Box. Moreover, a separate power point is needed for the functionality of OneConnect box as well. However, you can simply connect the television and the OneConnect box with a cable.

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Picture Quality

Due to the presence of QLED technology, the picture quality offered by Samsung Q7C is outstanding. The television offers a good black uniformity as well as a contrast ratio to the users. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best options available for the individuals who prefer to watch movies under a dark room setting. However, this television is not in a position to fight against glare as other televisions. In addition, this would not be the perfect television for a group setting. That’s because the quality of image downgrades when you take a look at it from an angle. The peak brightness is in a position to make the HDR movies offered by this television stand out from other products.

480p Input
Samsung Q7C 480p input
720p Input
Samsung Q7C 720p input
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Samsung Q7C 1080p input
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Samsung Q7C 4k input

Sound Quality

This television has got in-built speakers, which are not in a position to offer a good sound quality. Therefore, purchasing even a cheaper sound bar would help you to improve the overall sound quality offered by this television.

Smart Features

The overhauled Samsung Tizen OS has been introduced to the Q7C television. As a result, you will be able to see the white colored interface. However, the animations offered with the latest Tizen OS are not smooth. Therefore, you will have to experience frequent stuttering and frame drops from this television. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are not in a position to create any impact on the user interface. The user interface is a fast one and you will not come across any lags while you are using it. You can easily find the apps that you want to access through the user interface. The remote of this television has been provided with voice control capabilities. Therefore, you will be able to control most of the functionalities that are offered by this television with your voice commands. You are also provided with the ability to play media content from your USB flash drive as well.


QLED technology has taken the Samsung Q7C into a whole new level. This is the latest technology, which is capable of delivering superior graphics for the users. You can enjoy the best out of it by purchasing Samsung Q7C. Moreover, the television has been provided with an impressive look because of the thin border. Therefore, you would love to have it around your home as well. The overall smart features that come along with Tizen OS are impressive as well.

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