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Samsung Q9F is an excellent television available for the people to enjoy the latest QLED technologies. The television offers an excellent design, true color, greater brightness and superb detailing to the users. In other words, this television is equipped with plenty of engineering excellence on the display of it.
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Samsung Q9F is a flagship 65 inch television that Samsung has released for the year 2017. This television comes along with the latest QLED technology of Samsung as well. Even though Samsung Q9F comes along with few impressive features, it is marked at a reasonable price tag. It would not be possible to purchase a television, which is equipped with QLED technology and HDR standards at this much of a price tag. Some of the other outstanding functionalities that can be found in Samsung Q9F is its compatibility with HLG HDR support and Native UHD Resolution.

  • The outstanding QLED picture quality is one of the strengths that can be found in Samsung Q9F.
  • It has a cool industrial design as well.
  • In addition, people who purchase this television will be able to get hold of a smart external connection box.
  • Samsung Q9F comes along with occasion backlight clouding issues.
  • In addition, there is banding over some of the subtle HDR blends offered by this television.

Best For
  • Samsung Q9F is ideal for people who are looking forward to enjoy unprecedented color levels from a television. The unique industrial design of this television makes it an ideal product available for the living rooms in today’s world.
Q9F Prices

Samsung Q9F


I would like to consider Samsung Q9F as one of the best consumer televisions that Samsung has released to the market in 2017. Even though this television model has to face fierce competition, it is equipped with few remarkable features, which make it stand out from the rest. The engineering excellence of Samsung is clearly portrayed on the Samsung Q9F television.

The smart TV functionalities offered by Samsung Q9F impressed me as well. In fact, it comes along with a relatively high number of apps. Amazon and Netflix streaming is supported through HDR and 4K in this television. This catered my requirement of getting hold of the best quality content.

Another impressive functionality that can be found in Samsung Q9F is that the developers of it have introduced a one controller, which can be used to control all the functionalities offered by it. This includes the auto recognition of the source as well. The remote controller features voice commands, which helped me to keep my life easy while watching television.

Last but not least, it is important to leave a note on the HDR 4K performance offered by this television. This television offers an ultra HD HDR playback. This television does extremely well in reproducing images with the highest possible standards. The pictures offered by the television are intensely bright and it offers a brightness level around 1500 nits. Therefore, I didn’t have anything at all to complain about the picture quality offered by Samsung Q9F.


Samsung Q9F

When taking a look at the design of Samsung Q9F, it is important to pay special attention towards the One Connect box. It has the ability to house most of the electronics along with the ports. Even though this is a 65 inch television, it is equipped with a thickness of just one inch. You will only be able to find the power connection on the display panel of this television. Therefore, Samsung Q9F is ideal for a person who in purchasing a cable cluttering television. The one inch thickness offers a pretty good audio output to the users as well.

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Picture Quality

The Samsung Q9F has received much attention for its outstanding picture quality. People who purchase this television will be able to experience an accurate and rich color. As per Samsung, this television offers 100% DCI P3 Color Space to the customers. Panning and motion offered by this television is buttery smooth. In addition, the HDR content offered by the product is stunning. It is also possible to find HDR+ technology in Samsung Q9F, which can be used for up-sampling of the images. The overall brightness levels offered by the television are pretty decent as well. When all these features are combined, people who purchase this television will be able to experience a fantastic picture quality out of it.

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Samsung Q9F 480p input
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Samsung Q9F 720p input
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Samsung Q9F 1080p input
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Samsung Q9F 4k input

Sound Quality

The one inch thickness of this television hasn’t created a tremendous impact on the sound quality. However, it is not excellent as well. Therefore, people who are looking for the best sound quality will have to think about purchasing an external sound bar.

Smart Features

The smart features of Samsung Q9F are powered up by the latest Tizen platform of Samsung. This smart platform is also known as the Samsung Smart Hub. It offers simple, but easy to navigate features for the people who purchase this television. The remote controller of this television is equipped with a microphone, which can assist you with voice commands. The content received from one of the USB ports of this television can also be played through the smart interface. Samsung Q9F is compatible with a variety of smart apps, such as Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube as well. It is also possible for you to find a Samsung Smart View app on the Samsung Q9F television. It offers basic functionalities, when compared to the sophisticated application such as Vizio and Roku.


The introduction of QLED technology has contributed a lot towards the popularity of Samsung Q9F. However, it is important to keep in mind that the effective viewing angles offered by this television remain limited. The HDR friendly standards for color response and brightness have made it a perfect product available for the people who purchase it. The new panel structure of the television has also contributed towards the amazing picture quality offered to the users.

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