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Choosing a Sony X850E television means choosing a device with all the essentials plus more. From a vivid viewing experience with 4k LED, HDR quality to a sleek and clean appearance, an X850E TV will best suit many. Browsing the web, engaging with apps, and watching movies has never been more idealistic and convenient than with the Sony X850E series.
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The Sony X850E is your go-to Android television series for a 4k LED, high-quality viewing experience for everyone. The wide array of colors flashing across the screen and deep blacks make X850E devices essential for any home or home theater. Its narrow frame ensures a realistic, immersing image from watching the game to surfing the Internet. This series is equipped with a sleek, modern finish; an abundance of smart functions and apps; and high dynamic range (HDR) quality for exceptional detail when watching. All in one bundle, you’ll have a television with a favorable appearance, watching experience, functionality, and condition.

  • The smart features of this series, from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to smartphone connectivity are useful for the whole family.
  • Sony X850E televisions offer beautiful colors, strong contrast, and exquisite detail and clarity to perfect TV watching.
  • While considered HDR, the Soxy X850E could be brighter.
  • The image quality greatly deteriorates watching from an angle, making it unfavorable for larger rooms.

Best For
  • The Sony X850E is ideal for mixed usage but is best rated for playing video games. The thin frame, high quality screen, and ability for the series to take on fast motion makes the video game-playing experience of one’s best interest. The X950E series is also essential for general TV and movie watching, viewing sports, and even as a large PC monitor given high quality.
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Sony X850E


The Sony X850E is one of the best smart televisions by far on the market. Anyone wanting a TV that has more than just the basics will admire the capabilities of this series. Users can change channels and perform other functions via the traditional remote, the remote voice feature, or even through a smartphone or other device after downloading the associated app. Everything from the placement of buttons on the remote to the simplicity of browsing the web are all strongly organized.

Despite some of the TV’s negative specifications, the overall viewing quality is highly favorable, particularly watching at the correct angle. Still, however, it’s unfortunate that the viewing experience is perfect from the front but is a little lacking from watching at an angle. This problem is enough to be noticed, which may be a deal breaker for some who prefer their TV set up in a corner. Regardless, streaming HD/HDR video content is a major plus of the X850E. The deep colors and amazing motion blur make any movie, TV show, app, or video game of high quality.

While the general sound is considered average or below average, most find the picture quality to be more potent in a good television, which this series has. After all, a technological device often won’t have everything one is looking for. The thing with the sound of this Sony television, though, is that the quality is not so bad that it can’t be fixed with a simple installment of a sound bar. Once that is put into place, the sound quality easily jumps above average.

In the end, the Sony X850E is an excellent television series with superb quality, despite some flaws which every device has. The price easily matches the product you receive, but others find you get more for your money.


Sony X850E

The X850E has a modern, clean-cut design featuring minimal distractions. Buttons and cords are not visible from the front view of the screen, and the back is simplistic in hiding all the “extras”. The thin rim around the television measuring under a half inch helps to guide the viewer into the content they are watching rather than interfering with such. Its thin screen at only 1.81″ from the thickest part allows the perfect fit into any space, easy wall mounting, and simple maneuvering. The X850E stands on short, plastic, triangular legs connected by a horizontal stand. Generally, the Sony X850E has a beautiful yet minimalistic design sure to fit into a variety of home settings.

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Picture Quality

While there isn’t local dimming or support of 3D equipped in the X850E, the overall picture quality is still ideal. It has optimal contrast and black uniformity to beautifully display images and colors. Decent SDR and HDR peak brightness are available on this device; however, brightness is most prevalent in the center of the screen and dimmer on the edges which may affect one’s viewing experience.

Nevertheless, the brightness of this series is long-lasting. Unfortunately, the viewing angle of the screen diminishes from an angle, so placing this television in a smaller room without facing at an angle is essential for the best viewing experience. The motor blur of the X850E is favorable as there is a minimal trail following moving objects on the screen. A last prominent feature important to emphasize is the reflection. The X850E with its semi-gloss finish ensures minimal reflection in brightly-lighten rooms. Overall picture quality meets the expectations of most.

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Sound Quality

The general sound quality of the X850E is below average but can be greatly improved with a sound bar. A below average frequency response and a distortion of sound at a higher volume are not ideal qualities when it comes to the X850E, but as mentioned, a sound bar can improve these downfalls.

Smart Features

The Sony X850E having an Android OS means one will have access to the Google Play Store for more apps than non-Android devices. A wide range of content at hand from Netflix to Youtube, plus apps from the Google Play Store, provides app versatility. However, Android devices tend to be slightly more difficult to navigate for some than other operating systems.

This television works on the browser, Opera, but it is not pre-installed though can be installed quickly. Opera is a favorable, high-related browser that is pleasing to the eye, clearly ideal for a television. The X850E has a large remote with several yet neatly-displayed buttons with the capability of performing voice control functions for quicker, more convenient searching for apps and performing other tasks. The voice feature also allows one to voice search in 42 different languages via Google. The X850E has several great smart features, more than the average buyer may even want.


The Sony X850E is an excellent Android, LED, HDR television with a wide array of smart features, great color, and outstanding contrast. While the series tends to struggle in the sound quality department and has brightness and overall quality that fade at an angle, the overall design, viewing experience, diversity in apps, and flattering motion blur are all essentials for many potential buyers. Navigation on the X850E, especially thanks to its voice feature and neatly displayed remote buttons is another upside. In conclusion, the X850E is a great series with a lot to offer, well worth its cost.

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