Sony X930D Review

Sony X930D is the best television series available for the people who are not in a position to spend their money on OLED television. Even though this television series does not offer the same picture quality as in OLED televisions, people will be able to get the same high performance. Moreover, it is one of the most beautifully designed televisions to come to the market.
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Sony has been manufacturing a variety of 4K HD televisions and X930D series has received much attention out of them. This television series comes along with a variety of impressive goodies, which have contributed a lot towards its popularity. This television series is a perfect example to prove the fact that you don’t need any organic LEDs or quantum dots in order to push brightness and color beyond the average LCD norm. The picture quality offered by televisions in Sony X930D series is a little subdued when compared to others. However, the picture quality is much better when compared to most of the mid-range television in terms of brightness, black levels, contrast and color.

  • Sony X930D is ability to deliver a decent picture quality when compared to other televisions in the same price range. It has been achieved through superb colors, deep black levels and extreme brightness. The pencil thin upper cabinet has delivered a perfect look to it.
  • Sony X930D series does not offer a good picture quality when compared to OLED televisions. It is relatively new to the market as well and doesn’t have many reviews online.

Best For
  • Sony X930D is ideal for the people who expect 4K HD qualities from a television at a reasonable price tag. Most of the people are not willing to spend a fortune on televisions and Sony X930D could cater all their requirements. It has been provided with a stylish and a sleek design in order to complement the homes as well.
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Sony X930D


I discovered Sony X930D series when I was looking for a television that can offer the same quality of OLED televisions at a relatively lower price tag. After purchasing Sony X930D, I figured out that I have made the right decision by spending my money on this.

The sleek and stylish design also tempted me to go for it because it fitted perfectly well to my modern looking home. My first impression about this television was a really good one as well. I personally believe that the slim backlight drive technology, which has been provided to this television, has contributed a lot towards its effectiveness.

The contrast performance is impressive as well and it is something that cannot be seen in other edge-lit LED televisions. The local dimming set has also contributed towards the above mentioned fact. Even though Sony X930D television offers a good picture quality, its sound quality is not the best. I believe that the placement of the speakers is not great and that’s why it has a poor sound quality. However, the television has the ability to give out a quality sound output and a seamless experience can be obtained by connecting this to a home theatre system.

The Android TV capabilities were useful as well and I preferred using the apps in day to day life. The developers of this television have tried to change the look of the remote controller, which was not that great. I personally prefer the traditional Samsung remote controllers.


Sony X930D

Sony X930D has been provided with a thin and sleek design by the manufacturer. In other words, this television measures just half inches in depth across the top part. The thickness of the bottom part is about 1.38 inches. Televisions in this series look impressive when you take a look at them from side. As a result, most of the people who tend to spend their money on them prefer to wall mount the TV.

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Picture Quality

The picture quality offered by televisions in Sony X930D is really good when compared to other products in the same price range. In fact, the picture quality is characterized by prodigious light outputs, accurate color representations and deepest black levels. It is somewhat impressive to see this edge lit LED television offering such a good picture quality. However, the overall punch and contrast of the television series still don’t match to the best LCD televisions that can be purchased from the market. Ability to deliver bright lighting can be considered as the best feature that can be found in this television, which is backed up by a cinema home mode and a bright room mode.

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Sound Quality

Sony X930D televisions don’t come with the best speakers. However, the overall sound quality produced by them is not bad at all. The sound quality would not get loud and the users will be able to hear a slight distortion as well. Therefore, people who are interested in sound quality will have to pair it up with a home theatre system.

Smart Features

Sony X930D is a television that is powered by Android. As a result, it comes along with a variety of smart features. In fact, Android television is a huge step for Sony because it was not popular for intuitive interfaces and menus. The company has been able to achieve it through Android operating system, which comes along with many other useful features.

Since this is an Android powered television, a large number of applications such as HBO Go, Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube are also available for the users to try. The navigation process of this television menu is pretty straightforward, thanks to the intuitive menu. A web browser is also provided along with the television, which helps the users to surf the internet.


Sony X930D is an excellent television, which has the potential to please anyone. Now you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to get quality HDR photos out of your television. You can simply go for an affordable model such as Sony X930D, which offers a good picture quality. It also offers a good sound quality when connected to a home theatre system. However, it is important to keep in mind that the picture quality is not good when its looked at an angle.