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Sony X930E television series is priced reasonably for the 4K televisions. The performance specifications offered by the television are decent and any person who is looking forward to get hold of a television for day to day use can think about getting it. It offers premium HDR content to you as well.
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Sony X930E can be considered as a prominent television series that was released by the brand in 2017. It is possible to find two different televisions, which same specs but different screen sizes under the Sony X930E series. However, it is important to keep in mind that Sony X930E did not come out with 3D technology. It was released with a HDR 4K processor in order to give life to an amazing picture quality. Moroever, Sony X930E only supports HDR 10. HLG and Dolby Vision are also being supported by this television series.

  • Sony X930E comes along with impressive motion handling.
  • The new levels of peak brightness that can be found in this television are impressive.
  • A superb HDR color performance is also being offered by it.
  • Due to the presence of VA panel, the viewing angles offered by this television series are narrow.
  • It does not offer the best input lag for people who engage with 1080p gaming.

Best For
  • Sony X930E is ideal for a person who is looking forward to get hold of a television that offers 4K HDR content under a mid-range budget. Even though the specifications delivered by this television are not super impressive, they are ideal for games as well as movies.
X930E Prices

Sony X930E


Design is one of the most loved aspects of Sony X930E and I was able to experience it when I had this television with me for a couple of months. The design of this television looks unique when compared to the others. That’s because it offers a strange artwork, which looks pretty much similar to what the LG manufactures. However, the designers of this television have also been careful enough to maintain the minimalist look as much as possible. The television is provided with a solid construction as well.

The display quality offered by this television is superb. The quality of the color vibrancy and brightness has contributed a lot towards the impressive picture quality that is offered by this television. The black performance has also received much attention from the consumers. In other words, this is a television that has the ability to manage deep, rich and comparable black levels. Therefore, people who are watching HD content on it will never find anything to complain about.

Unlike other smart televisions, you will not find any issues with the sound quality offered by this television. The sound quality has also received much attention and you will not get the need to purchase any additional speakers. Since this is an Android OS powered television, you will be able to find plenty of smart applications that are compatible with it. Therefore, you would never get bored with the content that is offered to you from it as well.


Sony X930E

Sony X930E is not the slimmest television that you can purchase from the market. It is relatively chubby when compared to other 4K HDR televisions. Therefore, people who purchase it will have to be aware of this fact. You will have to go through some hassle when you are trying to set up this television as well. However, the black colored screen frame that you can see in this television offers a glossy and a durable look. The gold tones of the television extend in an accurate manner. The back panel has also been provided with a beautiful and an attractive design by the manufacturer.

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Picture Quality

Picture quality is recognized as one of the major advantages that can be found in Sony X930E. It is one of the most significant improvements that can be found in this television series when compared to the predecessor. Super bit mapping HDR 4K technology is paired up with dual data base processing in order to give life to a perfect picture quality. In addition, it is possible for you to see the Dynamic Range Pro technology in this television, which improves the brightness range offered from it by a significant amount. As a result, images behind shadows and on dark scenes would look clear. This can be experienced when watching HDR content.

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Sony X930E 480p input
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Sony X930E 1080p input
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Sound Quality

Sony X930E is capable of giving life to a clear sound quality. The presence of Digital Sound Processing technology has contributed a lot towards the impressive sound quality offered by this television. This television also features S-Force Front Surround sound technology.

Smart Features

The smart features of Sony X930E ate supported by Google Android. You can find an attractive user interface in this television as a result of it. Navigating in the Android user interface is somewhat difficult when compared to Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS. However, a large number of apps are being offered by it to the users and you will be able to locate your favorite apps among that list.

The popular settings of this smart television can easily be accessed by pressing on the Action Menu button. The remote offered by this television is a basic one. However, you will be able to find a built-in microphone in the remote, which can be used to access the Google Voice Search functionality.


Sony X930E is one of the best and reasonably priced 4K HDR televisions available in the market for people to purchase. The picture quality offered by this television is stunning. You will be able to enjoy great pictures regardless of the lighting conditions that you have in your home. On the other hand, almost all the aspects of the display specs, including brightness, black level and black uniformity are decent and strong.

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