What is Samsung QLED technology?

What is Samsung QLED technology?

Samsung recently announced their QLED TVs at CSE 2017. This new technology would revolutionize the television industry and it has the potential to be the future of TVs as well. What exactly is QLED? What’s unique about it? It’s the high time to find answers to these questions.

All you need to know about Samsung QLED TVs

The term QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. As the term QDLED doesn’t sound good, they have taken the letter “D” out of the term to call the technology as QLED. The functionality of QLED is somewhat similar to OLEDs. In fact, these two technologies have many different things in common.

How does QLED technology work?

QLED technology is powered up by a quantum dot layer. This layer is wrapped into a metal alloy in order to give life to accurate representation of colors. In addition, it has the ability to allow the Samsung QLED TV display to get brighter and offer wider viewing angels to the users. Few of the leading television brands out there in the world, including Samsung have been using Quantum Dot Technology for some time. QLED can be considered as the next step of it and Samsung took the initiative to take that step.

Along with the Quantum Dot Technology, a thin layer of quantum dots would be placed in front of the LCD backlight panel. This layer is made out of nano crystals. Each and every dot in the layer has the ability to emit an individual color based on the size. The size of a dot is usually in between 2 to 10nm. As each and every nano crystal can produce its own light, it has become possible to reproduce colors in an accurate manner. That’s why I stated that the QLED technology is somewhat similar to the OLED technology. In fact, QLED bridges that gap that existed in between OLED technology and LCD technology. That’s because it has the ability to produce deep blacks as well.

What are the differences that exist in between OLED and QLED TVs?

Even though there are similarities in between these two technologies, you will be able to find few notable differences as well. The main difference that you can see in these two technologies is that OLED technology has a self-light emitting nature. You will not be able to find that in Samsung QLED TVs.

What are the benefits of QLED technology?

The benefits associated with QLED technology have tempted Samsung to introduce it to their latest televisions. The ability to give life to realistic pictures can be considered as the main advantage that is associated with QLED technology. A single pixel can be lit independently to achieve this functionality. On the other hand, QLED technology is associated with a faster response time as well. The brightness delivered by QLED technology is impressive as well and it has been identified that QLED is in a position to deliver 25% more brightness to the users when compared to OLED technology.

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