LG 43UJ6300 Review

LG UJ6300 43 inch TV (2017)

We reviewed and compare many other TVs with the LG 43 Inch 43UJ6300, which was presented by LG in 2017. The 4K flat screen of this 43 inch LG TV provides great picture quality and 60Hz refresh rate gives perfect motion blur.

43UJ6300 Overview

LG 43UJ6300
43UJ6300 is a 4K LED TV with a flat 43 inch screen and 60Hz refresh rate. LG announced this smart TV in 2017 and it become very popular. This TV is one of the 4 TV models in the UJ6300 series. The median price for all 43 inch Smart TVs, carries a price tag of $1,299, which makes the LG 43UJ6300 less expensive than any other Smart television of the same screen dimensions.
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TV Screen and Picture Quality

Price per Inch

Screen Type
Curved Screen
Vertical Resolution
3D Support
LCD Backlighting
LED – Edge-lit
Refresh Rate
60 Hz
Aspect Ratio
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
User Rating
43 Inch, 4K LED Display

LG 43UJ6300 has a flat LED screen, which has the ability to deliver life-like pictures for you.

The 4K resolution offered by this television can deliver a unique experience for you.
4K describes the number of pixels wide the display is. The real 43UJ6300 screen resolution is 3840×2160 pixels.

43UJ6300 can be considered as an advanced smart television. The smart features that come along with this television allow people to experience content from a variety of sources.

In order to bring understanding of the price value of TVs that range in size, the TVs price value is calculated by measuring the television’s diagonal screen size rather than its technological components. This provides for a standardized dollar value. The average price per inch for 43″ televisions is $14 per inch. This indicates that for the size and resolution in question, the 43UJ6300 is underpriced.

The Refresh rate or response rate refers to the processor speed found in a TV and is measured in hertz. The tangible results this speed brings is the frames per second that crosses the screen for viewing. The LG 43UJ6300 with refresh rate of 60Hz, brings the eye to view 60 frames of an image per second. This responsiveness is slower than the 120Hz commonly found within 43″ 4K model televisions and would be an excellent choice for watching any fast action such as is found in sports, movies, and video gaming.

43UJ6300 Deals and Price History

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Having used the standardized formula for determining the average price for all 43 inch televisions is $590, it is concluded the LG 43UJ6300 is less expensive than other TV models in this size range.

By buying used TV you can save 22% from the original price of the 43UJ6300, which is equal to $123.49.

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UJ6300 Series Overview

LG UJ6300 comes in 4 different screen sizes. The biggest TV in UJ6300 series is 65 inch 65UJ6300.

LG UJ6300

43UJ6300 Viewing Distance

Optimal Viewing Distance

Minimum Viewing Distance
Maximum Viewing Distance

A distance of 7.2″ is recommended for viewing of the 55 inch LG 43UJ6300 TV. With this understanding of what will provide a quality viewing experience you will have a clearer understanding of what is the best screen size for the room you will be watching TV in or how to arrange the seating of the room your TV will be in.

We have given both the minimum distance as well as maximum distance that persons should sit from 43 inch TV screen to get the optimum enjoyment of watching TV.

The LG 43UJ6300 minimum viewing distance of 5.4″ (1.65 meters) is estimated by THX, a high-fidelity visual reproduction standard company while the maximum viewing distance of 9″ (2.74 meters) comes from the manufacturers and retailers of televisions.



HDMI x 3
USB x 2
Components x 1
Composite x 1
Digital Audio x 1

43UJ6300 has 3 different HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. In addition, you will be able to find 1 composite in and 1 component in port in this TV.

The television comes along with built in Wi-Fi 802.11n, which allows you to connect wirelessly.

This 43 inch UJ6300 TV has the right cable arrangement to make them invisible. It will take you no time to leave all wires just the way you like them.
Popularity over time

Wondering how popular is this 43 inch UJ6300 TV?

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